About Bloosurf

Bloosurf, founded in 2009 and headquartered in Salisbury, MD, operates the area’s only local high-speed wireless network.  Using a combination of fiber optic cable, and state-of-the-art 4G technology, we are able to offer affordable broadband internet service in Worcester, Wicomico and Somerset counties in Maryland, as well as northern Accomack and southern Sussex counties in Virginia and Delaware.  

In addition to residential internet service, Bloosurf also offers network engineering and consultation services to accommodate businesses of any size in the region.  As the Tri-county area’s only representative of the Maryland Broadband Cooperative (MDBC), we are proud to offer solutions through MDBC’s fiber optic network.  

In 2010, Bloosurf was awarded $3.2 million by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service (RUS) to expand our existing high-speed internet network on the Delmarva peninsula. Construction of the expansion was completed in October, 2015 and now the Bloosurf network is able to reach 100,000 homes and businesses on the Delmarva peninsula delivering      1 mbps - 25 mbps of high-speed internet service (depending on the chosen plan and signal strength) to homes and 10 mbps - 1 gbps of service to businesses throughout our service area.

Our Technology

Much like your cell phone, Bloosurf uses state-of-the-art 4G wireless technology to deliver high-speed internet service to homes and businesses.  Bloosurf uses LTE and WiMax technology standards to deliver reliable,affordable internet service over the airwaves.  In addition to our 4G network, Bloosurf uses the fiber optic network of the Maryland Broadband Cooperative (MDBC) for all of our fiber optic cable needs..
For home service, Bloosurf installs a wireless receiver inside or outside your home to receive the wireless Bloosurf signal.  Our receiver is then connected to a wireless router in your home to create your own personal, secured Wifi network.

For business service, Bloosurf uses wireless technology, dedicated point-to-point connections, or fiber optic cable to deliver high-speed service to meet the bandwidth needs of ANY size business


Bloosurf uses the latest in network security protocols to protect the security of our network and users from attacks, viruses and malware.